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Financial Information

We are in constant communication with you. In this section, you will be able to view all the quarterly results sent to the BMV.

Quarterly Results
Title Date Document
3T14BMV (Spanish) 2014
2T14BMV (Spanish) 2014
1T14BMV (Spanish) 2014
4T13BMV (Spanish) 2013
3T13BMV (Spanish) 2013
2T13BMV (Spanish) 2013
1T13BVM (Spanish) 2013
4T12BVM (Spanish) 2012
3T12BVM (Spanish) 2012
2T12BVM (Spanish) 2012
1T12BVM (Spanish) 2012
4T11BVM (Spanish) 2011
3T11BVM (Spanish) 2011
2T11BVM (Spanish) 2011
1T11BVM (Spanish) 2011
4T10BVM (Spanish) 2010
3T10BVM (Spanish) 2010
2T10BVM (Spanish) 2010

Annual Report
Title Date Document
Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2011
Annual Report CNBV (Spanish) 2011
Annual Report CNBV (Spanish) 2012
Annual Report CNBV (Spanish) 2013

Annual Report 2013
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